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Why you need Spotlight Reporting

We use Spotlight Reporting to complete your ideal system for bookkeeping and accounting. Where Xero and Receipt Bank make bookkeeping easy, Spotlight makes understanding your numbers easy.  It transforms your figures into colourful graphs and charts so you can see exactly how your business is performing without having to know how to read a profit and loss account or balance sheet.

We use Spotlight in three key ways

1. To check everything is ok

For clients up and running on your ideal system, we check in on their bookkeeping every month. We run a monthly health check report for them which looks like this:

We keep this report nice and simple.  It’s designed to be a 10-second snapshot – in traffic light red or green – so you can immediately register that everything is ok and move on with your day, or stop and check in with your figures.

Before we send it out, we have a look for anything that might be affecting or distorting the results so we can either fix it for you or help you understand what has happened.

2. To get to know you better

Getting your spotlight reports to you completes our onboarding process.  Once our onboarding specialist is happy that your ideal system is working for you, and your bookkeeping is running smoothly, your client manager can prepare your monthly reports.   Seeing these reports every month helps them to build an understanding of your business and gives you a great snapshot of your results.

3. To give you the reporting function you need

Spotlight is a powerful product which enables us to provide our clients with a wide range of useful reports.

We also provide for our clients:

  • A KPI dashboard. A monthly dashboard showing your key KPI’s and giving you a more detailed snapshot of your results.
  • Monthly / Quarterly management reports. The graphical analysis is tailored to give you the most useful overview of your results.
  • Cash Flow forecasting.

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