Onboarding: How We Work

Finding the right process to maximise your benefits and minimise the effort

The most important thing when moving to cloud accounting is getting the set-up right, so at Stubbs Parkin, we’ve built critical steps into our onboarding process to make sure it gets done the correct way.

Why is the set-up so important? Because it makes it easier for you!

Our goal is to train the software and automate as many of the processes as we can, so you need to do as little as possible. Furthermore, we’ll introduce you to Your Ideal System…

What is Your Ideal System?
The perfect combination of Xero, Dext and Spotlight Reporting. We believe this is the most user-friendly, flexible and reliable system for all your accounting needs.

Which type of Onboarding is right for you?

We understand that each of you are in a different phase of your business and for this reason, we have three types of onboarding options for three different types of clients.

New Business
Guided Set-up

If you are new to bookkeeping, our setup process is focused on helping you set-up a system that fits your business, will adapt with your growth and help you succeed in your business.

Fresh Start
A Simple Conversion

Perfect for someone who keeps the bookkeeping, in Excel / Quickbooks or Sage and only gets around to it when they have to.

Business as Usual
Fully managed conversion

If your accounting software is a vital part of your daily business functions, you will need a fully managed conversion, timed just right to ensure that everything is in place so you can change over from one system to the other as painlessly as possible.

The Process

Our onboarding process is designed carefully to ensure it is tailored to your business, suited to your needs, thorough and gentle enough to minimise your efforts. Typically, this takes 30 days to fully set up, 60 days until it’s ready to use and 90 days until reporting is available and ready to use. All 3 onboarding options follow a similar process but differ slightly depending on what type of onboarding you require.

SP Process
Our pricing for this fully managed service depends on the size of your business, the amount of data you wish to move over, and the number of transactions that run through your business. Sometimes, it is easier to start with a clean slate, so we can go through this with you in detail before you decide what you need.

All our onboarding options include:

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    Full set-up and data conversion
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    Two hours training
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    One months support (for non-clients)
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    Ongoing support (for clients)

Interested? Let’s chat!

If you’d like to have an initial chat with us about getting your cloud accounting system set-up, we can explain the benefits, talk you through how the process would look for you and tell you how much it would cost, depending on which onboarding option you need.

We also provide our onboarding services to any business, so you don’t have to move Accountants to benefit from our expertise in cloud accounting!

I can manage on my own but need some guidance
If you would like to move over to Xero and Dext and are willing to do more of the leg work yourself, we will assist you with the set-up and then provide you with a step-by-step process to help you cover all the bases and point you to the best training videos so you feel confident in what you are doing.

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