Accounting Fees: Your Fears and Concerns, Addressed

Picture Showing Decisions To Be Made When Choosing An Accountant

We're keen to dispel any fears and concerns you may have about getting a quote for your accountancy services. Please be assured that if you get a quote and we're not the right accountants for you, there are no hard feelings.

Are you trying to hide the true fees?

Definitely not.
If we could send you an immediate quote without even speaking to you, we would. But we don't provide a product – we provide a service. And that service varies massively depending on some questions we need to ask you first.

Questions we need to ask:

What is the size of your business?
Business size affects how many transactions you have and how long some tasks can take. A business with 250 customers requires more work than one with 25.

What type of business do you run?
This helps us to identify your regulatory requirements. A limited company requires more reporting than a sole trader; an LLP more than a limited company.

Which services do you need?
Most of these you will know about, but it's possible there are one or two you might not realise you need.

Which services do you want?
There may be services you didn't realise your accountant could give you. Like Xero, or profit reporting, or retirement planning. They're not required, but you may realise how much you need them!

Why can't I just pick a package?

Our packages are just a starting point to reflect the level of services you may need:

  • Essential- Done right, and on time
  • Full - All inclusive accounting
  • Premium - The ultimate in accountancy service

...But even within those packages, our standard questions apply. We can give you a ballpark figure, but you may want more - or less.

Will my fees be higher than quoted?

The only time that the fees we charge would increase would be if you decide to add extra services. For example, Xero Cloud Accounting Software, or a speciality tax planning meeting, or payroll services.
We'll always be open with you about what you're getting for the fee we quote you - but if you want to make changes, the fee will change.

What if I get a quote but decide not to work with you?

Absolutely no hard feelings. It doesn't bother us in the slightest if we talk to you, give you a quote, and you decide to go elsewhere. It helps if we know why - Do we use the wrong coffee beans? Just not your type of person? Wrong location? However of course the final decision is always yours and you're very free to make it.

But won't you be offended or annoyed?


Why won't you tell me exactly what the fee will be?

We'd love to! But we do need to ask just a few questions first.
Once we have those, we can start looking at a ballpark figure or a specific quote!


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