Why Xero makes life simpler

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Why Xero makes life simpler

Our Xero history

We first signed up with Xero in January 2009 and have been using it for our own business accounts since 2010.  Our early commitment was prompted by a desire to make bookkeeping much easier for our clients and using Xero over these years, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners to streamline their bookkeeping and power their business forward.

What’s really exciting going forward is that we now have technology which is delivering on its promises, and in many cases, exceeding our expectations.

Automation is key, where software has failed to deliver for us in the past we can finally see that it is our own intervention and human touches that are causing the problem.  Now that the software can do what it’s supposed to do, we can sit back and let it do its thing.

Your Ideal System

Xero is fully embedded here at Stubbs Parkin, every member of our team knows it inside and out.  Only staff over a certain age even know how to use Sage and our millennial trainees couldn’t imagine why you would use a pen and paper to do the bookkeeping.  We have open minds and a learning heart though, and we’ve tried and tested other software, always looking for the next great time-saver.  We know what clients find difficult and what barriers can make it seem impossible and we simply see that Xero is the easiest for them to use.

Committing to Xero means that we can pass on the benefits to you, our detailed knowledge will help you tailor Xero to your business, and our tried and tested onboarding process is helpful and thorough.

In addition to Xero, we have invested in creating your ideal system, incorporating Receipt Bank and Spotlight Reporting to provide a full financial system to even our smallest clients.

How do we maintain our knowledge

All of our Accounts staff our Xero certified and we maintain that through training and monthly updates with Xero.   We also hold monthly bookkeeping technology meetings to give the team time to explore new processes together, increasing everyone’s understanding and helping to identify clients who new processes can be helpful for.

Moving to Xero

If you are an existing client who is ready to move to the cloud, or would like to explore how to simplify their cloud bookkeeping please contact your client manager who will be more than happy to assist.

If you are not a client but would like to work with a firm who really gets under the skin of cloud accounting and is committed to pushing out all of the benefits to you as a business owner, then please get in touch with us, we’d love to talk to you.

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