From Xero To Hero

Practising what we preach with immaculate bookkeeping

Four years ago, Stubbs Parkin saw a clear need for an efficient and cost effective bookkeeping service that could handle our rigorous daily demands and free up our time to concentrate on what we do best; look after our clients’ accounts. There was only ever going to be one clear winner…

In the shape of Xero’s excellent cloud-based bookkeeping software, we’ve inherited a winning package that excels on every front. It’s so good in fact that, having given the time-saving software our seal of approval, we now offer these services to all our customers.

How about that for practicing what we preach?

Xero hassle, maximum benefits

Stubbs Parkin Director, Katharine Thompson has been a keen advocate for the power of Xero right from day one. According to Katharine, the firm has witnessed a positive upturn in productivity as a direct result.

She says, “Several key things have happened within our business since we embraced Xero. Both for our own bookkeeping and for our clients. Firstly, we have grown into a more technically qualified team. We can now review in more detail the position of the business, due to the quality of information we can access online about our day to day progress.”

It is the sheer richness of Xero’s data that makes life so much easier for Katharine and her team. She says, “Being accountants we probably have the most titivated bookkeeping ever. ‘I’ll just move this here and that there’ is a common utterance. However, we now have so much more reporting information at our fingertips to inform those decisions.

“All of our team have access to the information that is most useful to them,” she adds. “We can see fluctuations in expenditure, shifts in work patterns, billing totals, outstanding invoices. All at the touch of a button, in real-time, anytime we want.”

Xero regrets ever since

“It’s now four years since we began to use Xero for our own accounts,” Katharine continues. “In fact it’s nearly four and a half since we researched the new technologies available and plumped for the one that looked ‘pretty!’ More thought went into it than just this alone – I promise – but the beautiful look certainly helped swing the votes in its favour.

“Is Xero solely responsible for transforming our bookkeeping fortunes? In isolation, no. It’s taken a huge degree of hard work and application from all our team to strengthen procedures. But in essence, Xero has given us the structure, and streamlined processes, to enable that shift to happen far quicker than it may have done otherwise.”

She adds that, “Xero has made our lives exponentially easier at Stubbs Parkin. We’d like to believe that it is having similarly beneficial results for each and every one of our clients that invest in this bookkeeping package. It’s a huge leap forward for what was until fairly recently a relatively unknown piece of cloud-based accounting software from New Zealand. We wouldn’t do without it now.”

If you’d like to hear more about our bookkeeping and VAT services, powered by Xero, then please call today on 01704 531 136.

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